Come ride with me

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time to focus

You'll still find my blog at, but the blog now has a different name/theme--it now has focus. I'm excited, it will be fun. We'll go together, but I'll try to lead, make mistakes, learn, share.

As a preview to some of the topics I'm working on:
--working with a personal coach.
--experiencing jobs I always thought I wanted to do (e.g. bartending, bike mechanics).
--taking acting and dancing lessons, learning how to speak spanish muy bien.
--links to great tips/techniques . . . encouragement.
--body part replacements (e.g. a shoulder, a hip)

Until my next post, I want to leave you with something I came across that happens to say a lot about reinvention . . . in my own words:

Eventually time reaches you, teaches you that when you love something or someone and they don't love you back, just let them go, let go.

Come ride with me.