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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I must be a Mayan

I've been feeling sorry for myself--sorry that winter has lasted into April here in Seattle...but more sure than ever that when I'm in the sun, my world changes for the better...

Two weeks ago I 'took myself' to Talladega to see a NASCAR race (no, Mrs. Schmidt doesn't do NASCAR), and I had a blast...Sweet Home Alabama....and 75 degrees/blue skies! And if you were wondering if NASCAR fans (those in the South) are a bunch of redneck hillbilly drunks, forget it: I was there--never saw a fracas, mostly met southern hospitality---NASCAR fans are far more civilized than soccer, hockey, college football fans; well, that's my experience. Go Carl Edwards! And now a week or so later, that area where the race was was hit by horrible tornadoes: I am blessed to have enjoyed the best of the south and to have avoided the worst of nature....

Last week I planned to go to San Diego to bodyboard (some folks refer to it as boogie boarding, but I prefer the more 'authentic' description) but foggy mornings and cold water led me to change my mind: so I went to Palm Springs and the Ace Hotel. And if you've never been to one of the Ace's properties, go!.. they have properties in Portland, Seattle, NYC and Palm Springs. They are a true reinvention of the hospitality industry, and are the brainchild of Alex Calderwood, a guy who started barber shops in Seattle, called Rudy's (no relation). The Ace in Palm Springs attracts 'Hollywood types'--code for creative people/fun people. I met an assistant director and a couple of costume buyers from Vancouver, Canada, and it's only coincidental that they were all very attractive and bright ladies. Each seemed to exude a 'work hard and play hard' attitude with real integrity that was so refreshing. And did I mention the sun: 85 degrees and blue skies, and misters! Love those misters. Freaky looking pool attendants who brought drinks efficiently, and who looked like they were members of Pearl Jam.
This past weekend in Seattle was mostly sun on Saturday and all sun on Sunday...and I did over 100 miles of cycling--Saturday with my club, Eastgate, and then on Sunday with my buddy, Chris, who is training for a big ride next weekend in California.

I must be a Mayan; I love the sun, it changes me--it makes me feel optimistic, energized...and if reinvention is my goal, it's going to have some kind of sunshine as part of it....

And now that the sun is out, come ride with me!

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