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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reinventing starts with love

Let's talk about Love.
I have no idea what it is, but I think I know what it feels like. It feels like "I have value", I am empowered, and it doesn't last all day or happen at certain times of the day. When I read about having 'passion', it feels like it's THAT.
I think love is good.
I think loving something, someone is good. So, think about what you love, what makes you feel alive or passionate, and soak in that.
I don't think it gets better than that.
So, what do I love?
I love Karen. She is my wife and she is a wonderful teacher.
Let me take a moment to talk about education and teachers.
It's time that WE stop blaming what's bad about the US education system on teachers. The negatives begin at HOME: when parent(s) don't give a shit about education, don't get involved, don't accept their responsibility for their children, it makes no sense to me that that somehow is the responsibility of the teacher. Sorry, it's all about accountability, as my son would say. And when some Phd comes up with a curriculum that is less about physical fitness, math, science and economics and more about 'sociology', it makes no sense to me that it's the teacher's fault. Stop this crap. If you don't like what the kids are learning: fire the school board!
'Fire' the teacher's union, too . . . and replace our legislators (and get a petition going for term limits while we're at it).
As I was saying . . .
I love my friends. I love my friends because they inspire me, encourage me and don't expect me to be anything but myself.
I love my dogs--there's so much to learn from them; God/whoever has blessed us with their love, of us...and IAMS. My Shetland has lost her hearing, and is teaching me how to communicate with 'the deaf'.
I love great wine, a smooth IPA, Mac and Jacks, Coconut Rum . . . movies with Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and Tom Selleck. Selleck is a USC graduate, so he gets extra cred.
I love the universities I graduated from: USC (BA) and UCLA (MBA). I am blessed to have attended two of the world's great universities: it was a privilege, not an entitlement.
I love California--no, not the LA traffic, but wine country, the Mojave Desert and the beaches north of San Diego. And yes, Brian Wilson, there's nothing like California girls.
I love my kids, my in-laws.They inspire me more than they know.
I love Hawaii, VWs, the F-14 Tomcat, a great blender, good rum, Stellar blue jays, "The Amazingh Race", "Survivor", women who are fit/look great, a great motocross bike, a great road bike, Bruce Hornsby (an American mozart!), my doctors who replaced my shoulder and my hip, Overlake Medical Center, the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Honolulu, Sun!...Ronald Reagan.
there's more, at some later time...
Love something.
Reinventing starts there.

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