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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reinvention means?

My wife suggested that the term 'reinvention' is perhaps too ambitious--as in unrealistic.
She got to me to thinking. I need to really understand what that term means, inasmuch as I'm trying to 'do it' and communicate the effects to those of you who are reading this blog.
I thought it meant, at the very least: doing things/being things that I always wanted to be, but had not...which pretty much ruled out my career in finance specifically, but not necessarily my lifestyle, my friends, my home. So, I'm coming to grips with this...for now, it seems that my reinvention is specifically vocation-focused. But I am thinking of growing my hair, again....and have not ruled out buying a Kawasaki Ninja and producing a radio show. When it's not raining, come ride with me.

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