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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Godspeed Gary Carter

For those of you who check on my blog and are 'still with me', sorry I've been away/on vacation/uninspired...but I'm back:
Let me tell you a story--not quite "Friday Night Lights"--but this one is real:
We were playing Sunny Hills High of Fullerton in football, at Sunny Hills. They were killing us--fourth quarter, maybe 30-14...and I've been put in to play defensive end. I usually play first string guard on offense, but our first string defensive end gets hurt and rolls an ankle, so coach puts me in. Sunny Hills' QB is good, fast, cocky. On the first play, he rolls out and can't find a receiver and considers running but I get him around the ankles...right before he gets away from me. He's Gary Carter--who ends up in the baseball Hall of Fame, and a hero for the miracle NY Mets. Gary died today of a brain tumor and this game, this lucky tackle, came back to me. Again, it's another one of those wake up calls: live life fully, tell the people you love, who are still here, that you love them. Always: clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. Thank you "Friday Night Lights" for that...and thank you Gary for the memories, and for letting me tackle you.

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