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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time to unload

Many things to share...random, yet not too extemporaneous....
Linda Thomas of has a great blog...a super model on how to comment on 'the news'.
I really liked the first two episodes of "The Newsroom" on HBO on Sunday night but episode 3 opened my eyes to the trite political 'messsge' that Aaron Sorkin is offering: if you are a Republican or conservative or worse! a Tea Party person you are either stupid or mean. I'm probably a conservative--and none of those things, I'm done with "The Newroom"...but I still like Jeff Daniels...maybe that makes me Dumb and Dumber....
Michael Vick, who single-handedly turned me off to the NFL, has a new clothing line...I've tried to vote with my 'pocket book' and I won't be buying anthing associated with Michael Vick, which includes Nike products and his new clothing line...but if you disagree and decide to buy one of his shirts, remember the dogs he brutalized, I won't forget. Like 9-11, I won't ever forget. I will forgive, but not forget...and forgiving doesn't mean I buy his T-shirts and make him rich.
A great friend of mine suggested I change my theme from 'Adventures in Reinventing', not really understanding what reinventing is all just being a sage Bullshit Detector. I don't want to sound angry in that regard, but I do think me, you, all of us, need to be critical thinkers, and not trust the first sound or the first message we receive....
I'm going to 'try on' this new 'approach' and would like to hear from you if I'm on the right track...or if I'm not. If you are reading this, I love you....but may need a second opinion.
Will talk about Lance, passion, and customer service next time...which I promise not to take too long to post.

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