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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lance, dying with the sword....

We all have specific events that we rememer better than others...I remember when I heard that Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer, I sunk....and then when he won his first--and seventh Tour d' France,  I was so happy/can't describe the, I'm back at the bottom with him. It's likely he blood doped, maybe even used EPO; he broke the rules, but he was likely not alone--his team, his competitors were probably doing it, too. It was what 'you had to do' to be competitive. I am not saying now I think it 'makes it OK', but I understand the 'culture'...I thought Lance was Superman. I fought the mindset that 'if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't' in Lance's case....but now, it's probably not true. This makes me more cynical, more dubious of great achievements...this is the sad legacy that Lance leaves me with, and it just sucks, just sucks....but I'm still going to ride my bike, suffer when the hills get too steep, the miles too long...suffering without Lance. Climb ride with me.

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  1. It sounds like you might have perceived Lance as a 'hero'.

    The revelation that a hero is no longer a hero can be heartbreaking, but it is also an opportunity to examine what your definition of a hero really is.

    Lance was an inspiration to me, but never my hero--he lacks integrity. Some people say that true integrity is doing the right thing all of the time.

    Lance's integrity (as far as the public sees it) is waning and I think someone that truly has integrity would never be in this position.

    The #1 attribute of a hero is integrity.