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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Work out!

I am a huge fan of Tim Ferriss, the man, and his books: The Four Hour Work Week and his latest publication, The Four Hour Body. If you just read the titles you'll think you know what Tim is saying, and you'll be wrong. Tim is not about shortcuts for shortcuts sake--he's about doing the right things without wasting time--productivity with integrity. I think that Tim still works hard--and seems to be having a wonderful time. Not a bad place to be....
In his recent book, he talks about a concept that I run across often, bears serious consideration, and for me, genuine adoption: if you want to improve your inner game, improve your outer game...or as Richard Branson once said, "'How do you become more productive?--work out.'" Because I'm not currently 'career committed' (I'm unemployed), I think it was my son who told me, "Dad, every day for you should be a bootcamp--work out!"
Again from Tim, "Controlling your body puts you in life's driver's seat."
From me, becoming a hero to yourself can be as simple as hiking a big hill, losing 20 unnecessary pounds or going to a great gym 4X a week.
And the final word from Tim: "Take the next step: uncap a pen and take an inventory of all the things in the physical realm that you've resigned yourself to being poor at. Now ask: if I couldn't fail, what would I want to be exceptional at? Circle those alternate realities. The list circles back at you and gives you a blueprint for not just a new body, but an entirely new life.
It's never too late to reinvent yourself." (

Come ride with me.

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