Come ride with me

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What makes me happy

This question, this blog, this adventure I'm on are all a work-in-progress. I want to spend a few posts/weeks/maybe months exploring the happiness question through the blog and then maybe the answers will lead me to great adventures to enrich my life, and vicariously yours.
So, what makes me happy?
--planning stuff I'm going to do...No.
--talking about stuff I want to do...No.
--talking about stuff I've already done...No.
--watching others do stuff I wish I could do...Maybe a little.
but I know I'm happiest when I'm doing...doing.
And although talking about stuff I've done doesn't necessarily make me happy, I understand it's my blogger responsibility to report back.
But doing is when I'm happy.
So, come ride with me.

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  1. The true difference between acting happy and being happy. Turn on the passion and go full throttle all the time. Anything less is a waste of spirit. :)