Come ride with me

Monday, January 10, 2011

So a man walks into a bar...

I'm back at bartending school this morning retaking portions of the class and practicing for the exam in two weeks.
It's certainly coincidental that tonite Oregon and their no huddle/speed offense will play for the BCS National Championship--because the type of bartending I'm learning is all no huddle: 100+ recipies by memory--GO! This took me completely by surprise when I first started school back in September, and I've had to resort to all kinds of trickery to memorize Rusty Nails, Cosmos and Lynchburg Lemonades...and a lot of practice making drinks over and over.
"But I don't want to make drinks fast, I want to make them well," I told my instructor.
"Here you learn how to make drinks quickly and by memory because that's what people expect--and when we certify you, that's what your employer knows you can do."
When I pass my exam--and there's no limit to how many times I can take it--I will be 'licensed' by the State of Washington (this is required) and 'certified' by the Seattle Bartending College (
One day I want to create my own signature drink--either a coffee or mojito type of drink, but not until I can tell the difference between a Rob Roy and a Manhattan, between dry, dirty and perfect

...and he says to the bartender, come ride with me.

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