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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holster your IPhone!

In the old West, when a disturbance broke out in the saloon, the town marshall would come in and say "Holster your guns!" Well, that's what I saw on TV and in the movie "Silverado", so I guess it's true....
Fast forward to the beach on Waikiki where I am this week proving to myself that the sun still exists...why is it that there are an amazing amount of people here who seem to be constantly checking their IPhones or Blackberrys?...this makes no sense to me, everyone else wants to be where you are! And what are you going to tell them, "Hi, I'm on the beach on Waikiki and the weather is perfect and I really miss you and wish I was back in Indiana or at the office."
So, whether you are reinventing or reenginneering or rebooting--pick one--I say start with appreciating where you are, or get yourself where you want to be...and to my fellow beachmates (is that a word?) on Waikiki, "Holster your IPhones."
Maybe not this week, but come ride with me...and AlooooHA!

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